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RocketBoost Wireless Bookshelf Speakers Review


I had been looking for a new pair of satellite speakers for my computer, but I did not want wires strewn all over my office – the RocketBoost Wireless Bookshelf Speakers seemed to be the answer to my problems, but first appearances can be a bit deceiving.  I have had...


Best 10 Deals for the Week: September 19th (list)


This week has left us with savings on many different fronts. From TVs to digital cameras and even smartphones and speaker equipment there is something there for everyone. Here’s some of the ones that are still alive and stood out in the pack: 10. Altec Lansing M812 WIreless Speaker Dock...

7 Wireless Speakers

7 of the Best Wireless Speaker Solutions for $40+ (list)


Expand your musical listening experience with some wireless speakers! We’ve picked out a 7 of the best solutions under $500 on the market, which allow you to play your favorite playlists, Internet stations or music subscriptions in any room of your pad, regardless if your audio system isn’t WiFi compatible....


Sonos S5 Wireless Speaker Now Available In Black (video)


Thanks to Sonos, we’ve got news today that their popular S5 Wireless Speaker system is now available in black. The acclaimed all-in-one system packs five digital speakers and five amplifiers into a small frame. It can be controlled via the Sonos Controller, iPhone, or iPod Touch via a free app.  And,...


The Panasonic SC-ZT2 Speakers Are Wireless And 3D Ready


Pansonic’s new SC-ZT2 wireless speakers are pretty impressive. Specifically designed for Panasonic’s new line of 3D HDTVS in what they call an “elegant, design matching solution,” the speakers bringing 7.1 channel sound from two speakers (I’ll believe it when I hear it), with each speaker having a woofer and four...

Sonos S5

Sonos S5 Now Shipping In The US


Sonos’ S5 wireless music system has began to ship in the US for $399.  In addition, Sonos has also issued a software update that enables Sonos controllers as well as their iPhone application to automatically Twitter what Sonos customers are listening to.  The Sonos S5 will begin shipping globally later...


Eos Wireless iPod Audio System Review


While multiple room audio setups are far from new, true plug and play wireless systems have yet to be a force to be reckon with.  Eos Wireless has given it a shot with an incredibly easy to use wireless speaker system and the results are good, but less than stellar....