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F-Pedals Bring Wireless Power To Analog Guitar Pedals


In a world of advancing digital technology, most guitarists are, and for good reason, defiantly analog in how they perform. Analog pedals are simply better-designed and offer better sounding effects, and if an analog pedal breaks, it might sound cool. A broken digital pedal sounds like a synth in a...


Cota Might Finally Make Wireless Power A Reality


One of the greatest dreams of Nicola Tesla was, literally, wireless electricity. Power, everywhere, no matter what your location, no matter what your gadget. And it looks like Cota might be the first step to making that dream a reality. Power Without Wires It’s not really as weird as you...

Haier Wireless Power

Haier Does Real Deal Wireless Power On An LCD TV


The future is here, at least according to Haier.  Although we didn’t have time to stop by their booth at CES, the folks from TechOn did, and they got the run down on the company’s latest technology. This LCD TV, which has no name, uses WiTricity Corp’s wireless power technology. ...


eCoupled Wireless Power Looks Legit (video)


We’ve already seen wireless charging from PowerMat. Now along comes a competitor and from what little I can garner from their site and videos, they’re essentially offering the same thing. Unlike the PowerMat, Ecoupled appears to be destined for custom installs (homes), commercial applications (work benches) and those in public...

Intel Wireless Power Technology

Intel Reveals Advances in Wireless Power Technology

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By: Albert S Intel showed off their latest advances in wireless power technology. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk in a room and have your cell phone greet you with “Hello, I’m Charging” rather than “Hey loser, I have no reception?” Well, this is possible with Intel’s upcoming wireless power...