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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Gets Full Details, Release Date (video)


Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse is officially official, on a day that looks chosen as an attempt at stealing Apple’s thunder (I’m not sure it worked). We’ve talked about the Arc Touch before, but here’s the deets: its ergonomic arced design purports to be most comfortable mouse out there, there’s a...


Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Confirmed


Remember Microsoft’s Magic Mouse competitor we talked about back in July? Well, it looks like the Arc Touch Mouse is real. Images have leaked from a German online store that show the mouse, with some specs too. The main draw here is the curved design, which provides more ergonomic comfort,...

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Razer’s TRON Keyboard & Mouse Get Priced


Remember those licensed TRON products we wrote about a little while ago? Well, now we finally have some pricing and release details for them — at least, for the Razer Keyboard & Wireless Mice. The keyboard, with blue LED illumination, is $150, and comes with a detachable numeral pad. The...


Logitech’s Fantasy Collection Is One Fantasy You Can Show The Wife


“Where is it written that a keyboard can’t be stylish? That a mouse can’t be whimsical?” asks Logitech’s page for their new Fantasy Collection of wireless mice, lap desks, webcams, speakers, and keyboards. I’m not sure, Logitech. I’d argue there’s been plenty of stylish accessories released in the past few...


The Like A Spoon Mouse–Overpriced Japanese Hardware


I love the Japanese.  Everything weird comes from Japan, I swear.  Everything from USB gloves to dustmop attachments for babies…and now, the Like A Spoon Mouse. I know, computer mice are a dime a dozen.  But this one may well be strangest by dint of several key points.  One, it’s...