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iPad Keyboard Close Up Angle

11 of the Best iPad Mini Keyboards (list)


Apple’s new iPad Mini is provides everything  you love about their tablets, expect in a small form that you can hold in one hand. And like everything else that’s new that you buy, you’ll need to also grab a few accessories to enhance your user experience. We’ve compiled a list...


This Litetouch Keyboard Has An Touchscreen Keypad


This 2.4GHz Mad Catz Wireless Litetouch Keyboard is missing a keypad, but what is has instead is even better — a touch-sensitive area that alternates between that numeric keypad, multimedia controls, and twelve customizable icons that go to websites and more. In addition, a trackball resides just below the touchpad which...


Logitech’s Fantasy Collection Is One Fantasy You Can Show The Wife


“Where is it written that a keyboard can’t be stylish? That a mouse can’t be whimsical?” asks Logitech’s page for their new Fantasy Collection of wireless mice, lap desks, webcams, speakers, and keyboards. I’m not sure, Logitech. I’d argue there’s been plenty of stylish accessories released in the past few...