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Hearnotes Uses “Wirefree” Tech for Next-Gen Earbuds


No one likes wires: This is the basis of Hearnotes, a new audio project developing earbuds that go beyond wireless to something it calls “wirefree.” Heartnotes’ earbuds are comprised of three different parts. The wirefree earbuds hook over your ears, one for each side, with no connections between them: It...

Afterglow Wireless

Performance Designed Products Afterglow Wireless Gaming Headset Review


Wireless headphones and headset have come a long way. Most recently we’ve seen improvements in wireless range and audio performance. The 7.1 A50 Wireless from Astro Gaming and the recently reviewed Skullcandy PLYR2 headphones are prime examples of long strides being taken in these areas. While Astro is the far...


Logitech UE 9000 Wireless Headphones Review


Adopting ear-expert Ultimate Ear is proving to be a high performance move for Logitech. The quality of the products has been great so far, if a bit astronomical in price. At some point I should drum up some sale-through numbers. Yet despite being in the red or black, the quality has been...

NuForce BT-860

Win a Pair of NuForce BT-860 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones from GadgetReview

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We’re giving away one pair of NuForce BT-860 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones ($79 value) to one lucky GadgetReview reader! These headphones boast Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, which means you can rock out to your smartphone or any Bluetooth compatible devices without the hassle of wires.  Built into the headphones are a mic...

Beats Wireless-1

Beats Wireless Headphones


Beats by Dr. Dre have had unrivaled success. The company offers a variety of headphones for listeners of all types. And despite their excessive price tag people continue to scoop them up. However, they’ve long lacked a wireless option, which means that Dre and company have been leaving money on...

50-cent headphones

SYNC by 50 Headphones


We generally don’t knock a press release for being short and sweet, but this one regarding 50-cent’s wireless headphones just seems straight up lazy. Dismay aside, these audio cans can receive audio wirelessly from up to 50 feet from the source unit.  Get it, 50-feet, 50-cent.   Your cringing can...

Sony MDR-RF4000 Headphones

Sony Launches New Wireless Headphones, The MDR-RF4000


Check these massive wireless headphones from Sony Europe, the MDR-RF4000.  They weigh in at .6 lbs, which might prove a bit neck wrenching after a few hours of use.  But at the very least you won’t have to worry about disturbing your bedside partner, or perhaps your parents while you...