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36 Gadgets, 2 Days and Total Destruction (video)


If you’ve been keeping up with Wired’s series Battle Damage, you know what to expect: Erik Beck and Justin Johnson of Indie Machine have fun destroying gadgets in weird ways – and in the process teach you a little bit about your favorite tech products. When watching the videos, it’s...

PS3 Dark

First Look: PDP Tron Controllers


I can’t wait for Tron: Legacy. It’s not because Bruce Boxleitner is in it (well, not entirely). It’s because Tron was an amazing film from Disney, and the new one looks badass. So I’ll admit, I’ve fallen for fandom on this one…but PDP’s Tron controllers are damn sweet! Click to...


Fire Breathing Dragon USB Xbox 360 Controller


Good lord.  I am constantly vexed by all these seemingly worthless products making it to the assembly line.  Last week we saw the Undead Japanese Warrior controller for the PS3, and this week we have the Fire Breathing Dragon controller for the Xbox 360. While it looks cool at first...