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Steampunk Wine Decorking Machine

Steampunk Wine De-Corking Machine (video)


[GR]ZNUdowYZJlw[/GR] Have a glass of vino with someone from 100 years ago and they’d probably be astonished to learn just how many corkscrews apparatuses lay in the aisle of Bed Bath and Beyond.  That said, none to this day are nearly as impressive as this contraption. Built by mechanical sculptor...


ZEbag Wine Carrier


Ideally, wine is stored on its side.  This keeps the cork from drying out and prevents the wine from spoiling in a short period of time.  So it only stands to reason that you should carry your vino in the same manner. The ZEbag, though we’re not sure it is the...


Trevati Aerating Wine Glass


Aerating your wine is the key to a successful, full flavored glass of Cab, Merlot, Malbec or really any red wine.  The Vinturi Aerator, while not the first of its type, is probably the most popular.  In fact, it’s so popular, and striking to many people, we continue to see...

Ammo Wine

Ammo Canister Wine Box


In the event are country is suddenly thrusted into civil war, you probably want to have some weapons, not to mention ammo on hand.  You’ll also want to ensure you’ve got a heavy stock of booze stored away in that missile silo turned bunker you commissioned for what was surely perceived as...

Wine Vending Machine

Wine Vending Machine


France is a wine country. They adore wine, they worship it and drink it religiously. So if they don’t scorn at the idea of buying wine from a large vending machine inside a supermarket, neither should you. Even if it means bringing your own bottle or other wine compatible container,...

wine vending machine

Winos Rejoice: The Wine Vending Machine Is Here


In what could be a big shift in how we buy booze, the very first wine vending machines have finally arrived stateside in Pennsylvania. Now, before you or college students think you can just go in at 2 in the morning wasted and pick out some Charles Shaw, there’s restrictions...

Pocket Aerator For Wine

Pocket Sized Wine Aerator


If you’re wine official you should be de-cantering.  If that’s too much work, then at the very least let it breathe for a few before taking a sip.  But who am I kidding.  We’re a want it now society.  The Pocket Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather is a pen sized...