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Gadget Rumor: Microsoft Set To Launch Windows Mobile 7 In 2010


According to rumors hitting the net, Windows Mobile 7 is scheduled to launch Q4 of 2010. Before that, Microsoft is expected to launch Windows Mobile 6.5 on October 1, 2009 and an updated 6.5 version with touch interface in February 2010. So why is Microsoft supporting dual platforms? To continue...


Gadget Leak: Samsung Omnia 2/GT-I8000 Specs Leaked


Leaks aren’t a good thing if your rolling in a canoe, but in the case of mobile phones we pray for them. This time around we’ve got word on Samsung’s newest Omnia phone, the Omnia 2 or GT-I8000. Although it lacks a touchscreen like the iPhone 3GS, it’s packing an...


Microsoft Finally Shows Off Windows Mobiles 6.5 (video)


Finally, and after many months of leaked screenshots, Microsoft officially unveiled Windows Mobile 6.5.  The leaked photos we’ve seen over the last few months are accurate, at least as far as the honey comb UI goes.  Microsoft’s commercial (below) claims ‘improved finger navigation’, ‘do more with photos (I don’t see...