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Lego Worlds Aims to Replace Minecraft, Looks Fantastic


It was bound to happen: Ever since the ubiquitous success of Minecraft, others were certain to set about crafting their own competing games to win the eyes of gamers. And is it really such as a surprise that the first major competitor looks like Lego Worlds? After all, Minecraft has...

squeegee 2

Somebody Finally Put A Vacuum In A Squeegee


If you’ve ever had to clean windows, you know what an aggravation that particular “beloved” chore happens to be. It’s messy, it’s easy to get streaks everywhere even if you’re the fussiest person possible, and it’s generally an unpleasant task you wish they’d just invent a robot for already. And...

Use tablet as second screen

Weekly Hack: How to Use Your Tablet as a Second Monitor


Using two monitors is an absolute necessity nowadays for productivity, but not every PC you use will have a second screen. With tablets becoming more common (and having bigger screens), using an Android tablet or iPad as a second monitor is a quick and convenient hack setup to help increase productivity. While...

Windows 10 logo

What is Windows 10?


Microsoft’s Windows operating system has been an important part of the lives of the majority of PC users over the past decade. Before there was even a Mac OS, there was a Windows. And to this date, Windows is still largely leading the market when it comes to operating systems....


11 Brand New Must-See Gameplay Videos of E3 (list)


It’s E3 time again folks. The show is just now whirring up with the traditional press conferences from the major publishing houses and hardware manufacturers like Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Those are typically filled with announcement that won’t see completed fruition for several months to years. For instance, Ubisoft’s The...


SteelSeries Siberia Elite Gaming Headset Review


Some things on this often-impractical mudball rarely make sense. The oxymoron that is reality TV is among these. Hats for dogs come to mind. Oh and the complete dearth of acclaim the gaming peripheral company SteelSeries receives here in the U.S. We’ve looked at a few SteelSeries jewels in the...

Lenovo Miix 2_7

Lenovo’s Miix 2 Brings Windows 8.1, Lots Of Power To Tablets


As form factors change and tablets become increasingly important to our everyday lives, computer manufacturers are beginning to put out some truly impressive tablets. The Lenovo Miix 2 takes the original Miix, slims down the case, and beefs up the internals. Smooth Slate The biggest change from the previous version,...


HP Has A Big Stack Of New Tablets


Hey, remember Hewlett Packard and their tablets? No? HP is out to fix that. Brother, are they ever; they’ve got a whopping six new tablets on the way, five of which are arriving in November. Here are all six and what you need to know. Slate 7 Extreme Essentially the...

Live Gamer Portable main

AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable Review


hat gamer — hardcore or otherwise — hasn’t wanted to capture that moment when he’s played the perfect game or gotten that final Boss? Heck this is why so many gamers will sit back and watch other gamers play, even when it’s a recorded YouTube video, just so as to...