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WiMax Portable Router From Clearwire Piques My Interest


WiMax isn’t exactly breaking world records when it comes to adoption rates.   A new product from the minds of Clearwire might change that soon.  The idea, which we’ve seen before (Novatel MiFi and Huawei D100), utilizes a portable WiFi router that can accept a WiMax USB dongle.  In other...

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Motorola Unveils USBw 100, World’s First WiMax USB Adapter


Staying ahead of the curve, unlike their cell phone operations, Motorola unveiled the World’s first WiMax USB adapter for laptops.  The USBw 100 is available in three versions: 2.3GHz, 2.5GHz and 3.5GHz enabling worldwide compatibility with today’s approved 4G networks.  If you recall, Sprint is set to officially unveil their...