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Pro Controller U For Wii & Wii U

Pro Controller U For Wii & Wii U

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The Pro Controller U for Wii, Wii U and Android gaming devices (via Bluetooth), combines the functionality you’ll find from a Wiimote and Wii Classic Controller into one innovative controller. It’s comfortable to hold, accurate and said to be “pretty clever.” The third-party remote allows you to merely flip a...

Wii Remote Plus

Nintendo Wii Remote Plus Confirmed


Today, Nintendo confirmed that they are in fact now building the Motion Plus dongle directly into the Wii Mote itself.  That means not extra hardware to lose.  Word also came through that they’ll offer the controller in Blue and Pink in addition to the White and Black finishes, which have...


Casmobot Lawnmower Controlled With A Wiimote (video)


It’s always pretty interesting to see other things besides the Wii get controlled via Wiimote.  Some have hooked it to Airsoft guns or what have you, but today I’ve dug up a little something interesting. Thanks to the Casmobot lawn mower, developed by scientists at the University of Southern Denmark,...


Nintendo Wii Dart Kit Is As Pointless As It Sounds


If lunging the Wiimote at your TV set isn’t a compelling enough experience while playing PDC World Championship Darts, then you might wanna grab the Dart Game Kit.  It took me a second, but no you don’t actually throw your Wiimote at the screen, you just emulate the motion and...


Energizer To Release Wiimote Induction Charge Station


Later next month (Amazon says June 1st) Energizer will release a charging stand that uses induction technology to juice up your Wiimotes.  Induction you say? Yup, you won’t have to remove rubber sleeves and accessories of the same ilk to power up the system’s controllers.  Just place the Wiimotes on...