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Powerv Duo

PowerV Duo Wiimote Charging Dock Now Powers Your iPhone


While it’s hardly innovation – more like iteration – Konnet‘s latest Wiimote inductive chargin dock, the PowerV Duo, includes wireless charging for up to two Wiimotes and two USB ports for charging compatible handheld devices, such as the Nintendo DS Lite or the iPhone.  Aside from that it uses the...

Wii Rowing

Wii Rowing Accessory (Video)


Perhaps one of the more useful Wii Accessories to come out as of late is this new Wii Rowing Machine.  Capable of working with Wii Sports And Wii Fit, there is no actual resistance besides your arms.  Keeping your feet in a secure position, your movements will directly correlate with...

Wii Vitality Sensor 2

Possible Wii Vitality Sensor Announcement Coming May 17th


It’s been about 9 months since we heard anything about the Wii Vitality Sensor, which as it happens is the incubation period for humans.  Today, word hit that Nintendo has announced a press event with the American Heart Association on May 17th.  The invite doesn’t indicate what the event will...

Star Wars Force Unleashed 2

‘Star Wars: Force Unleashed II’ Launch Date


Unfortunately, the first Star Wars: Force Unleashed game was a massive disappointment despite all the technology and development that went into it.  Ultimately, the story wasn’t that good, the final enemies were weak and the level development wasn’t all that engaging.  But Lucas hasn’t given up.  Come October 26th, 2010...

Black Wii Console 2

Black Wii Console Launch Date And Price Confirmed


Just a few days ago we all but officially confirmed that the black Nintendo Wii would be hitting US shores.  Now Nintendo has issued an official press release that the dark console will be arriving May 9th to the tune of $199.99.  The bundle will include the Wii Remote controller,...

Wii PowerV QUAD Inductive Charging

Wii PowerV QUAD Inductive Charging and Storage Dock


While I don’t think it’s as cool looking as the Xbox 360 Power Pyramid Charger, the Wii PowerV QUAD Inductive Charging and Storage Dock is at the very least an affordable and reaonsably attractive charging stand for your Wiimotes.  For $50 you get the stand and four 800mAh batteries that...

Wii Sex

Woman Sexually Aroused From Nintendo Wii After Spill


Here’s a tad bit of funky, weird hump day news for you.  A woman playing Nintendo Wii took a dinger off her Wii Fit board.   After collecting herself, or attending a hospital, it would seem as though she has developed a condition known as persistent sexual arousal syndrome.  It’s real,...