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Sprint and Boingo Forge a Deal for Airport Wi-Fi


If you have a Sprint device, your airport Wi-Fi experience is about to get a whole lot smoother thanks to the latest Boingo updates. Boingo Wireless has announced that it has acquired Sprint’s Wi-Fi network operations at seven airports across the United States – and turned them into Boingo hotspots....


Skybell Gets An Upgrade, 2.0 Adds New Features


The great thing about crowdsourcing products is that once it gets shipped, you get an even more awesome product that what was described since the company has worked out all the kinks! Last summer saw the launch of the highly popular Skybell, with the Indigogo campaign raising $100,000 in the...


The Zen Thermostat Is Smart and Beautiful


Home devices shouldn’t be ugly. Instead, they should work add to your home’s decor, which is exactly what the Zen thermostat will do. The smart thermostat will look beautiful on your wall and is so simple to use. Its LED screen provides uses with clear and simple feedbacks, showing just...

SAM:  Smart Home Technology

The SAM Plug and Strip Makes Your Home Smart


Turn your house into a smart home with the SAM (Save, Automate, Monitor) plug and strip that allows you to control various aspects of your home via your smartphone. Consisting of either an electrical outlet plug or strip, the two devices feature integrated sensors that sense your home’s environment. Both have...


Li-Fi Uses Your Lightbulb To Stream The Internet


We all know Wi-Fi, although the name “Wi-Fi” doesn’t actually mean anything; it’s just a marketing term for a radio standard. Yes, your wireless Internet is just basically glorified radio. But the Navy wants to go one better and create an Internet connection using visible light. Welcome to the world...


Beep Makes All Your Speakers Wireless (video)


If you haven’t outfitted with your home with a wireless sound system yet, you won’t have to anymore with Beep. The tiny device easily connects to your speakers, receivers and docs so that your music can be heard wirelessly throughout your entire home. Created by former Google hardware engineers, Beep...