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White iPhone 4

White iPhone Launch Date is Tomorrow, 4/28


Forever seems like an understatement at this point, but that’s how long it seems like it took for Apple to release the White iPhone 4.  But alas, the devoid of pigment handset will be available for purchase tomorrow, as we predicted.  Specs and hardware have remained the same, and since...

white iPhone 4

Officially Spotted: White iPhone 4


Is this officially the white iPhone we’ve been waiting for?  Engadget seems to think so.  Supposedly a UK customer managed to get their mitts on one via a retail store.  Supposedly, the sales clerk rang it up as a black 16GB iPhone and shortly after Vodafone sent a notice instructing...

White 4G iPhone

White 4G iPhone Leaked…Maybe


We’ve sort of been avoiding the iPhone rumors in recent since there seems to be a flood of them.  The latest one to emerge is the supposed existence of a white 4G iPhone.  Pictures of a white face plate were popping up all over the webosphere last week, but until...