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Seagate SSHD Thin_1

Seagate SSHD Thin 500GB Hybrid Solid State Storage Drive Review


I have a buddy who refuses to sully his system with the dirty temptation of “those shiny new solid state storage drives”. In truth he can’t figure out the best use scenario for one he could actually afford–not to mention the drives’ sobering storage limitations. This is an idea shared by many system builders. SSD storage...

Slingbox and WD TV

Slingbox Now Compatible with WD TV Media Players


For as long as we can remember, you needed a DVR of some sort (Tivo, TimeWaner DVR, Dish Network, etc) if you wanted to take advantage of SlingMedia’s Slingbox.  You see, the Slingbox allows you to watch your recorded content from just about any where in the world, provided you’ve...

WD mypassport drive

Western Digital Debuts MyPassport Limited Edition Designs


Western Digital is spicing up their MyPassport 500GB external hard drive line with five colorful limited edition designs. They come in black and white variants — I’m partial to the boombox design myself. Besides the updated visuals, they’re the same USB 2.0 drives that don’t require power cables — show...