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golf course

A Moving Golf Course That Changes the Way You Play


This is one golf course that won’t put you to sleep. Not that there’s anything wrong with the sport..except, you know, it’s about the slowest thing you can watch on TV besides a 20-inning baseball game. While this is very obviously a commercial for Caterpillar dump trucks, it’s really sparked...


And Google’s Mystery Barges Are…


It’s been captivating the tech press for a week or so now, because let’s face it, being captivated by shiny, mysterious things is pretty much the job description: Google has been building… something in Portland, ME, and in the San Francisco Bay, and people want to know what. Well, it...


PopMask Lets You Wear Anyone’s Face


Ever since Mission: Impossible popularized the idea, it’s something we’ve always wanted to do; own a mask so lifelike we can fool other people. Sadly, doing that is a lot harder than you might think: Just ask the Mythbusters. But you can still get the mask, or something like it,...


So “Direct Brain-To-Brain Communication” Is Real Now


The idea that we’ll someday be able to read each other’s minds, either with technology or because we evolve to become psionic, is as beloved in science fiction as spaceships and energy weapons. But it seemed as out of reach as much of SF… at least until the University of...


Kisai Round Trip Pocket Watch Is Perfect For Hypnotizing Bar Skank


The Kisai Round Trip Pocket Watch from TokyoFlash is a very future forward LED timepiece that will easily let you tell some far fetched story about yourself at this year’s ComiCon.  Featuring water resistant casing, USB charging, and LED animations that display the current time, I can imagine this watch...


BattleStar Galactica Watches: Sort Of


When blogging, it’s literally impossible to not come across a vast array of weird niche’ watches.  Adding to that list are these Cyclon inspired watch designs from SeaHope of Japan.  I couldn’t ever see myself rocking a watch like this but I’m sure there’s someone out there that thinks this...