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spree Fitness Monitor main

spree Fitness Monitor Review


he proliferation of exercise accessories to use with smartphones seems to have doubled in the last year — thanks to the appearance of sensors/monitors that can track what a person does when exercising or exerting themselves in a sport. The one thing that all these sensors rely on is contact...

pushup extreme

Get An Intense Workout With The Pushup Extreme


Get in a great workout with the Pushup Extreme that’s a multi-directional fitness device ready to challenge you with cross-fit inspired strength and power movements to help you get in the best shape of your life! With more than three years spent on design, patents, prototypes and testing, the Kickstarter campaign...


Top-Loading Barbell Concept


Being fat sucks.  Any grossly overweight person can tell you that.  Most people cite time as being the major reason while they can’t make it to the gym.  With this Top-Loading Barbell concept from Sun Ho Sin, getting in an out of the gym could be quicker than ever.  Extra...


Powerbell Modular Weight Training System


I myself have never used a Kettlebell, but apparently they’re good for a variety of strength training exercises.  This innovative design provides a multitude of weights in one simple package.  Just simply slip on and off the plates to create weights ranging from 5 to 20lbs.  Course, all that don’t...


Riflex Wii Weights To Crush The Wii Fit


It’s still up for debate as whether or not the Wii Fit actually helps anyone lose weight.  But one company is looking to put some kibosh on the whole phenomenon.  Arriving this summer – you know, in time for that beach bod – are the Riflex Wii Weights.  Just slip...