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Wahoo scale main

Wahoo Fitness Balance Smartphone Scale Review


here are times when technology doesn’t seem to be needed: hairbrushes don’t need to be networked and forks don’t need electric motors driving moving parts. So where’s the value in upping the game of the lowly weight scale — especially since most people wish they had never stepped on it...




Stepping on the bathroom scale ain’t exactly a walk in the park.  The experience is usually more closely tied to that of a roller coaster ride, which is to say it’s usually full of fear and hesitation.  So how about a scale that offers a bit more pizazz and game...


Doormat Scale Keeps Unwanted Guests Away


How fitting for the holidays.  When you arrive for that glutenous dinner you have no choice but to perform a preconsumption weigh in.  Then when you head home topped up on eggnog and Christmas cookies you can see how many pounds you’ve tacked on. ...

WIthings Scale - 04

Withings Scale Unboxing And Hands On


Scales by their very nature aren’t exciting, but when we got wind of Withings we knew we had to get a hands on.  If you’re not familiar with Withing’s Scale it’s got built-in WiFi which sends your records LBs (or KGs depending on where you live) through your home’s WiFi...

bluetooth heart monitor

Remote Heart Monitoring Powered By Bluetooth


If you or someone you love has chronic heart problems, like the kind that took my grandfather, then you might well be interested to hear about the results of the three month test that’s currently in its second month for a kind of portable heart monitor that can send data...


Bus Stop Scale To Weigh Passengers, Good Or Bad?


Technology walks a fine line between liberation and suffocation.  Take this advertisement for example.  When a commuter sits on the bench their weight is prominently displayed for all to see.  Although this might get some folks into the gym, what kind of impact will it have on our eco system? ...

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