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Palm Issues WebOS 1.2.1, Fixes iTunes Syncing…For Now


It’s ‘happy, happy, joy, joy’ time for Palm PRE users.  In the waking hours of today they issued WebOS 1.2.1.  The 38MB update fixes syncing with iTunes as well as a bug that prevented some 2007 Exchange users from syncing with their server. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of...


Palm PRE WebOS 1.1 Fixes iTunes Sync Issue


Continuing the cat and mouse saga, Palm released the webOS 1.1.0 update for the Palm PRE, simultaneously fixing the iTunes 8.2.1 syncing issue and restoring tranquility unto the troubled world of PRE. Other updates include: Emoticons Exchange support NFL Mobile Live (the newest, 31st app) New swipe gesture to move...


Palm webOS 1.0.4 For The PRE Now Available


Word on the street is that Palm just issued webOS version 1.0.4 for the Palm Pre. It’s an over the air update so you won’t need to jack into your computer to receive this one. This update addresses several security issues with Palm webOS software. Props to Townsend Ladd Harris...


Palm PRE Officially Available For Retail Purchase


The Palm PRE is now officially available from Sprint.  It’s $199.99 after a 2-year contract signing and $100 mail-in-rebate.  Alternatively, a new iPhone should be announced on Monday, so if your still not 100% sold you might wanna hold out and see what Apple has in store. Read...


Official: Palm PRE Release Date and Price


After much speculation and rumor, Sprint has officially announced the release date and price of the Palm PRE: June 6th and $199.99 after a 2-year contract signing and $50 mail-in-rebate.  The phone will be available nationwide (US only) from Sprint stores, Best Buy, Radio Shack, select Wal-Mart stores and online...

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