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Kettle Pizza (video)


Believe it or not, but cooking pizza on a charcoal grill ain’t no easy feat. ┬áMore often than not – you know this if you’ve tried – the dough will turn to an inedible, black charcoal like consistancy before the rest of the pizza fully bakes. The solution? ┬áThe Kettle...


Weber Q140 (with cart) Review


[rating:4/5] I’ve used more than my fair share of grills throughout the years – wood burners, coal, and propane. I have stayed away from electric grills (like the George Foreman) like the plague. I can’t really explain the reason – I mean I’m strongly against electric heat on my stove...

Weber Fireplace

Weber Fireplace is a Simple And Sleek Firepit that Deserves to be on Every Rooftop


Weber has long been known for their charcoal grills, so we’re not too surprised to see the company enter the firepit market with the Weber Fireplace. It’s an easy to use and maintain firepit that holds a few logs of burning wood and produces presumably enough ambient heat for those...