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Best Deals Last Week: October 31st (list)


With all the savings we have shown you in the past week we’ve picked out some gems that are still around to save you cash. There’s a great variety to choose from, and as the holidays draw closer now’s a great time to plan ahead or spoil yourself one extra...


Logitech Unveils 4 New HD Webcams & Chat Software


Logitech debuted some new HD webcams today, one of which does 1080p video. Using Logitech’s Vid software (as opposed to something like Skype), the calls are apparently the highest quality you can get on the net, provided you have a supported camera, a Windows PC (no Macs for now), and...


Facevision FVexpress Combo Webcam


For those who want to, err, “chat” on Chat Roulette in the highest quality possible, the FVexpress Combo from FaceVision looks like a great webcam. The 2MP, 720p webcam records at 30fps, ensuring smooth, crystal-clear video. It features a 75-degree field of view and a 28mm lens. Also included is...

Microsoft Lifecolor Webcam

Microsoft Kicks Out Three New HD Webcams, The HD-5001, HD-6000 and HD-5001


Today’s webcams tend to stick to an acceptable, but un-noteworthy VGA resolution, but a recent slate of HD cameras have begun to bring crystal-clear video to popular programs like Skype and iChat. Microsoft continues the trend with the LifeCams product line, bringing 720p resolution and their patented TrueColor technology with...


Hercules Announces Dualpix HD720p Webcam


Hercules really wants your video chats to go down in 720p HD quality.  Today, the company announced the Dualpix HD720p webcam.  It’s not exactly a ground breaking device, but at a price point of $59.99 its a relatively affordable webcam given its feature set. While I can’t sit here and...


MSN Missile Launcher Review


The latest trend with video games is to play opponents over the Internet. While battling human opponents in your favorite game can be more challenging, you might want to take online gaming one step further and shoot at each other using the MSN Missile Launcher. This toy plugs into two...