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KAZbrella Closes the Right Way, and Your Umbrella is Wrong


It may sound strange, but it’s been a long time since someone decided to reinvent the umbrella. We’ve had different materials, different fashions, and different sizes hit the market, but nothing that literally turns the umbrella upside like the Kazbrella, a creation of Jenan Kazim. Make no mistake, when fully...


OMSignal’s Biometric Shirt Makes Fitness Bands Obsolete


The next evolution of smart fitness is already moving wearables into – well, stuff we actually wear. Gone will be the awkward fitness bands and sensors, and all you’ll need is to pull on something like the OMSignal biometric shirt. Instead of limiting the sensors to a band, OMSignal has...


What is IOT?


Internet of Things What is IoT? It stands for the Internet of Things, the next level of wireless connectivity. Okay, but what is the Internet of Things, exactly? Read on it find out.   Internet of Things Definition The IoT or Internet of Things is a phrase describing a tech...


Meet Olive, A Bracelet To Help You Manage Your Stress

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Wearable technology is gaining popularity day-by-day, allowing us to perform our daily tasks such as checking emails, SMS, and other notifications from our wrist with a help of a number of smartwatches available in the market. Well, Olive is another wearable, a bracelet actually, which caters a totally different purpose– it...