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Google Brings The Best Of Waze To Maps


When Google bought Waze, there was a profound hubbub among commuters who use the social app to find the best route to work, dodge accidents, and otherwise make the rest of us jealous that we’re still stuck on the Interstate, it was loudly wondered if the app was going to...


Google Acquires Waze App


Everybody HATES being stuck in traffic! But now that Google has acquired the Waze app for its Google Maps, you can see real-time traffic updates from friends and other cars ahead of you so that you can take a faster route to wherever you’re going. Both apps will outsmart traffic...

Waze Drive Share

Waze Map App Lets You Share Your Drive


There are more than a myriad of turn-by-turn apps available for both iOS and Android.  Google Maps probably makes the top of the list for many smartphone users, as their mapping accuracy and speed of service is largely unprecedented.  However, what Google Maps lacks is the ability to share your...

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10 of the Most Effective Tools to Avoid Traffic (list)


Traffic is getting worse! According to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s annual survey of U.S. metro area traffic, Washington D.C. ranked #1 for the most time spent in gridlock;  in 2011, drivers there spent 67 hours delayed in traffic, at a cost per vehicle of $1,398 in wasted productivity and 32 gallons...

iOS Map Alternatives

14 Alternative Map Apps for iOS 6 (list)


Many are not happy with iOS 6 Maps that replaced Google Maps from the previous operating system.  Many consider it to be the weakest map app of all the iOS updates. It’s basically dependent on third party apps for the region you’re in, which can range from pretty good to...

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11 iPhone Apps Available Now That Mimic iOS 6 (list)


Apple’s iOS 6 won’t be released until later this fall, but we’ve compiled some apps that mimic (sort of) some of the new features that the latest iOS version contains.  And while these substitute apps still aren’t 100% the same, they should still do the trick and sustain your iOS...


Waze’s “Road Goodies” Makes A Game Of GPS Improvement


You may not have heard of a Waze lately, but it’s a GPS application that started out as an Android only app, but quickly expanded to iPhones, WinMo and Symbian, and all for free besides. Well, recently, Waze changed just a bit by turning itself into a kind of mobile...