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Quadrofoil Brings The Joy Of The Hydrofoil To The Masses


Hydrofoils are an amazing ride in how fast, fun, and utterly terrifying they are. Designed around many of the same principles as airplanes, essentially, you get up to speed and rise out of the water, speeding along on narrow wedges of metal. Quadrofoil wants to bring that exhilarating and perhaps...


The Kormaran Deserves Its Own Boat Class


If you can’t make up your mind between getting a monohull, catamaran or a trimaran, just get the Kormaran! The watercraft is actually a bet of all three, putting it in its own boat class. It features the agility of a monohull and is great at making quick maneuvers and...


Flying Hoverboard Lets You Shred The Waves (video)


Ever since Back To The Future 2, we’ve all wished hoverboards were real. Now, they are (sort of). French jet ski champ Franky Zapata – the man behind the Flyboard personal watercraft – has worked his aquatic genius talents to come up with the flying Hoverboard. The new aquatic device...


The Platypus: A Boat That Half-Sinks


As a rule, boats are not supposed to go under the water. Generally, that’s when they become “wrecks.” But it turns out that some boats can, in fact, be engineered to take you on an underwater ride, like, for example, the Platypus, a catamaran that can swing you beneath the...


The Jet Capsule Is A Cross Between A Yacht And A Jet-Ski


Watercraft are one of those creations where the technology is constantly advancing, and yet the price will never fall to the point where you can afford one. That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t drool over it, and if nothing else, the Jet Capsule is eminently droolworthy. Tiny, But Powerful...


The Asap Is An All-Electric Watercraft


Jet-skis are a lot of fun, but they’re also pretty awful for the environment; it takes a lot more energy to push through water than to push through air, after all. Fortunately, we’ll soon have an electric alternative, mixing the jet-ski, the body board, and the catamaran into… well, OK,...


The EGO Semi-Submarine Wants To Take You Slightly Under The Water


There’s nothing quite like witnessing the glory of nature in its natural habitat. But for aquatic life, that’s a bit of a tricky proposition, especially if you dislike diving, or can’t take a scuba class. The EGO Semi-Submarine, however, can handily solve that problem. It’s a “semi” submarine because you’re...


“Green Samba” Watercraft Is Electric Powered


Jet Skis are awesome. Fuel-less ones are even cooler. The “Green Samba” is a personal watercraft powered by electric propulsion, thanks to anoiseless twin direct drive pods. Created by the Silveria Group, it reaches top speeds of 65 MPH with zero-emissions. Battery life from the rechargeable batteries wasn’t disclosed, though....