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Powerbreather: a Darth Vader Snorkel (video)


The snorkel to a large degree hasn’t change much since the products invention.  Sure, there are now versions that include an apparatus to help clear the tube of water, but to a large degree the function and the form has remained the same.  And hence why we can’t over look...

Exo Jetski

EXO: Batman’s Jet Ski (video)


If Batman owned a jet ski motorcycle we’re pretty confident this is what it would look like.  Say hello to the EXO, an electric water toy that will blast you across the water’s surface at up to 27 knots. This EXO’s body comes in two flavors: ABS plastic and carbon...

water wars

Water Wars Keeps You Cool & Bloody


Water Wars, from SUCK UK, is a special water gun game that features vests with hydrochromatic inks. It sounds like a great way to stay cool this summer. Every time you get hit, the vest turns red, and if you’re completely “bloody” then you lose the game. The kit comes...


Swimways Submergency Water Toy Encourages Kids To Stay Underwater


If you’re planning on going to the pool with a child this summer, you’re bound to get complaints of “I’m bored” from the little tykes. To curb their complaining, the Swimways Submergency water toy looks to offer them lots of underwater fun. You throw the Submergency into the pool, then...


Surf Board Meet The Gas Engine: Powerski


Got a little ‘extreme’ in you?   I’d think so if you’re gonna ride the Powerski.  The surf board like device features an integrated 45hp engine at its rear, which apparently puts out almost 300lbs of thrust and has a top speed of 35mph – in short, this thing will get...