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Water RPG

Rocket Propelled Water Grenade


Soaking your friend in a barrage of water used to mean grabbing the garden hose.  Or if your family’s wealth exceeded the normal means, a very well endowed supersoaker.  At least that was what the norm was 15 years ago. Now, if you’re lucky enough, you’ve got yourself an RPWG,...

Saturator Water Gun

The Saturator Is An Automatic AK47 Water Gun


File this under “Totally awesome.” The Saturator (what an apt name) is a fully motorized battery powered water assault weapon. Shooting with one finger at a a rate of four ‘water bullets’ per second, the Saturator can shoot 250 ‘water bullets’ a minute at up to twenty feet away, no...

Water Cannon

Remote Controlled 100 Foot Water Cannon


Back in the day drenching people in water was always the highest form of expression.  Super soakers and block party water balloon brawls are always great memories to think back on.  If I only had this, I would have ruled!  With fatty streams up to 100 feet long this remote...