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Cove Filters Everything Out of Your Water, For a Price


How much are you willing to pay for extra-clean, designer water? Cove is willing to bet you’ll pay quite a lot with its new water filter. There’s no denying that Cove looks cool. It has a fancy ovalish shape, metallic contours, and generally looks like something you would pour in...


The EveryDrop Water Filter Accommodates Any Busy Life


Whirlpool has now made it easier to get fresh, filtered water fast, wherever you are! The portable water EveryDrop filter can filter one gallon of water in just two minutes and has the capacity of 60 gallons, or 50% more water with only one filter (than leading brand filtration pitchers)....


3M Filtrete Water Station


Anyone with taste-buds can appreciate the difference in quality between unfiltered tap water and filtered. The problem with most filters is how slowly the water passes through them. It’s a drip-drip process that will make you forget that you wanted some water in the first place – or – if...


CrystalPur Water Filter–Huge Volume, Tiny Apparatus


If you’re a camper, or you just hold a paranoiac’s distrust for your local water system, you may be interested in getting your hands on a CrystalPur water filter. Invented to help starving families out in Africa from dying of thirst, this tiny unit can actually process six liters of...