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Casio Metal Twisted G-Shock Watches Can Take A Beating

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Casio’s G-Shock watches are noted for two things: Being about as rugged as a watch gets, and being pretty ugly. Sorry, Casio fans, but let’s face it, when you design something for practicality and to take excessive amounts of abuse, generally you have to put aesthetics last. But Casio has...


Watch Lighter Is The Closest You’ll Get To A Bond Gadget


It’s useful to have a lighter on your person, even though fewer and fewer of us actually smoke. Sometimes you need it to just cheat when you’re putting together a campfire. Sometimes you need it to get a grill lit. And sometimes you’re just an insane gadget and multitool fetishist...


HOT Watch Is Essentially Your Smartphone In A Watch


There are some dreams that, even if technology seems to have left them behind, still linger. Your grandpa no doubt dreams of owning a real, working, Dick Tracy radio watch, for example. Well, the HOT Watch might not only fulfill his dreams, you might finally be able to get him...


Suunto Releases New Ambit2 and Ambit2 S GPS Watches

Suunto has created a GPS watch for every occasion with the release of their new Ambit2S and Ambit2 models. As a global leader in sports precision instruments, these new GPS watches can be used in multiple of activities, from multi-sport training to serious backcountry excursions. Since the Ambit was a huge...

Bell & Ross Adds Three New Watches to Aviation Line

Bell & Ross Adds Three New Watches to Aviation Line

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Bell & Ross are expanding their Aviation line with three new models: BR01 Heading Indicator, BR01 Airspeed and BR01 Climb. Each of the watches are inspired by plane cockpits and each model will be limited to 999 pieces, with the first 99 pieces sold in a control panel-inspired collector’s box containing the six...

Designer Star Wars Watches Darth Vader

Designer Star Wars Watches for the Grown Up Fan


Star Wars collectors will want to snag up BOTH Designer Star Wars Watches that are featured on ThinkGeek! Yeah they have a hefty price of $199.99 for each one, but they are definitely worth the steep price. They each feature tiny details that all fans will appreciate and are hefty...

CST-01 Thin watch2

CST-01: World’s Thinnest Watch (Video)


[GR]d2dOCWhUz0A[/GR] News flash : the average timepiece worn on the wrist of an adult homo sapien is equivalent to a stack of cinder blocks resting on a single wrist. (Hey I don’t make this stuff up. I just conjure it out of the ether.) Chances are, you’re already late. Why...

Nikon Unit SS-1

Nixon Unit SS Watch Dives 300-Feet, Costs Just $200

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A good looking watch doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars.  In fact, when you spend that kind of money on a watch you’re paying for its bespoke like quality and the company’s history. The Nixon Unit SS is crafted from stainless steel and costs $200.  Swim to a depth...