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Massive Android Wear Update Incoming


Android Wear is getting a mega update that is going to make the device more stylish, customizable and more useful than ever before. The smartwatch OS won’t only be getting more functionality, but it’ll also get many awesome new Watch Faces (including a Santa — how fitting!). The Watch Face API...


The SearchGPS Is The Ultimate Surf Watch


If there’s one sport that’s been a beneficiary of modern technology, it’s surfing. Where before surfers had to count on video from the shore or helicopters to capture their feats, now they’ve got waterproof action cams, GPS tracking, and more to show off. The SearchGPS, from Ripcurl, wants to make...

iris watch

The Iris Is A Smarter Smartwatch


Wearable tech is what the entire tech industry is convinced is the next iPod; a massive popular consumer product that everyone wants. The jury’s still out on that, but in the meantime, we’ve got plenty of toys to play with, like the Iris. Paper Play The Iris actually takes its...

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Carbon Hides A Solar Charger On Your Wrist

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There are plenty of solar gizmos out there, especially on Kickstarter. But Carbon is the most visually arresting of them, for a fairly simple reason; it’s not just a solar cell you can strap to your wrist; it’s also a quite nice analog watch. Solar Power For Your Phone Carbon...


TAG-Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder Reinvents The Watch Movement


Watches have pretty much been the same since Christian Huygens invented the watch movement. While new ideas, like the bridge, have made watch movements easier to service, Huygens would still recognize his design in most modern watches. The TAG-Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder is, however, completely different. Girders And Lines The best...