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HP Chromebook 14 only $180, Watch Dogs 20% Off After Release

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I wouldn’t try to play Watch Dogs on an HP Chromebook. Heh, the performance might not be up to par. But both are really hot deals today. If you need a straightforward laptop for Internet browsing, word processing, and the other basics? A Chromebook might meet your needs. Today we...


Watch Dogs Pre-Order Bonus Comparison (Updated)


Update 7/3: Now 20% off on Watch Dogs Deluxe at $55.99 and Watch Dogs Standard at $47.99. Use coupon JUL20OFF The free release day shipping deal from Microsoft Store is now dead but good news for the PC master race as PC pre-order is now 20% off at digital retailer GMG. We’ve...

Watch Dogs characters

Watch Dogs Who’s Who Character Trailer


The story centers around your character named Aiden Pearce. But here’s a great video giving context and introducing the relative “dontknows” we’ve seen in many videos before this. It’s all heating up for the May 29th release date. As you can see the game bears more than a passing resemblance...


Watch Dogs Deluxe Edition Confirmed, Pre-Order Coupon for 20% Off


You probably won’t be surprise with this news, but of course Ubisoft will be bringing out a Deluxe Edition of Watch Dogs.  The highly anticipated Open World RPG Watch Dogs finally got an official release May 27th release date from Ubisoft just yesterday. Predictably, only minutes later gaming retailers had the...

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Set To Release on May 27th


Ubisoft’s popular title Watch Dogs has seen delays like no other, but fret not if you’re waiting for the game to hit retail. Ubisoft has announced that Watch Dogs will release on May 27th on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Windows. The game is also expected to...

Watch_Dogs dedsec

Watch Dogs Gameplay: A Creepy Warning from DedSec (video)


They warned the powers that be of its imminence. They pleaded for official preparation of the inevitable. Now speculation has become all too real. Haunting fears have become heart-sinking reality. They told you it would happen. An entire city governed by a single inter-connected piece of software leaves itself massively...