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Portable Laundry Pod

Portable Laundry Pod Is A Cost Efficient and Environment-Friendly Laundry Solution


One of the things I simply hate to do is my laundry. The reason is that it can take quite some time for the things to get done when it comes to laundry; you need to wash it, then dry it, which can turn out to be time consuming, if...

woof to wash

Support Dogs Operate Washing Machine (video)


Yup, you read that title right! UK-based appliance maker JTM Service has created a washing machine, considered “Woof to Wash,” that can be operated by support dogs helping those living with disabilities. Support Dogs are already trained to do a lot of stuff like strip bed sheets to loading machines...

Star Wars Theme Song Washing Machine

Star Wars Theme Song Played on a Washing Machine (video)


[GR]JO-UXv2S2PU[/GR] Star Wars is just about every where we look.  In fact, we probably can’t go more than a few weeks, if that, without posting about something related to the pervasive brand that seems to have invaded almost every aspect of our nerdy lives.  So without further adieu, we present...

Samsung 457 Washer with WiFi

Samsung 457 WiFi Washing Machine (video)


Washing clothing is about as exciting as watching paint dry.  And folding it after the dryer has completed its cycle is an exercise in masochism.  But alas, clean clothes is a must, unless of course you married or have given up on life all together. [GR]YfHE79ZYZ9w[/GR] Samsung’s F457 is a...

Self Destruct Washing Machine

Washing Machine: Self Destruct (video)


[GR]6_PLnInsh7E[/GR] Washing machines are designed to clean your clothing, right?  So why the hell would you stand there starring at one.  What if we told you it was about to self destruct?  Yup, it’s the last thing we’d ever expect to see from the machine, but with some tweaking YouTube...

Touch Revolution Microwave And Washing Machine - 3

CES 2010: Touch Revolution Touch Screen Microwave And Washing Machine


When we crossed paths with Touch Revolution last year they had a variety of touchscreen devices on display.  At the time their form factor was unremarkable, but since Android and touchscreen were the big buzz words back then it was worth posting on.  Now the company has taken their IP...