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Mujjo Tan Case-002

Mujjo Leather Wallet iPhone 6 Case Review


Not every iPhone case is the same.  That in mind, there are an endless array of cheap to expensive iPhone cases.  iPhone cases that will protect your phone from water, a drop to the floor, or simply add some basic utility.  The Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for the iPhone is...

SLIMMY Wallet Original main

SLIMMY Wallet Original with RFID Shielding Review

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here’s lessons learned if you lived in New York, as I did in the 80’s and 90’s, that dealt with how you entered and exited an ATM. Being vigilant required keeping your eyes open and having fast reflexes. These “analog” preventative measures ensured that no one followed you into an...

Wocket Wallet

The Wocket Hopes To Replace Your Wallet

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Dr. Seuss’ “There’s a Wocket in My Pocket!” is about to come true! But instead of a little creature, it’s going to be an electronic wallet.  Yup, the age of electronic wallets is officially here. First there was the Coin, now the Wocket by NXT-ID wants to replace all your credit...

google wallet card

Google Offers New Wallet Card, Acts Like A Debit Card


Google is on the right track to becoming a bank…well sort of. It finally unveiled its Wallet Card after practically a year of rumors. The physical debit card can be used like a regular card, with funds taken from your Google Wallet account. It’s a Mastercard-powered debit card that’s available...

The Coin

The Coin Wants To Replace Your Credit Cards (video)


Wish you could eliminate having to carry around your wallet? The Coin wants to do just that! Just one simple card can replace your debit and credit cards, making it super easy to pay for your lifestyle. The Bluetooth-connected Coin is the size of a regular credit card and features...


Never Lose Your Wallet Again With The SmartWallit


Losing your wallet is one of the biggest headaches ever! But now it doesn’t have to be with SmartWallit. This Kickstarter campaign wants to eliminate that nasty feeling you get when you know you’ve misplaced or lost your precious wallet since it’s a wallet with a brain (sort of). Basically...

Smart Belt Buckle Wallet

Smart Belt Buckle Wallet


Carrying a wallet in a pocket can be a burden for some guys. First there’s that bulge, which can sometimes be uncomfortable depending on how big or fat your wallet is. Then there’s the fear of getting pickpocketed by someone using their super sleek street skills to snag your cash...