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iPod Touch vs Son Z Walkman

iPod Touch vs. Sony Walkman Z (comparison)


Android phones aren’t wiping the floor with Apple, but they’re doing damn well. While the same can’t be said for tablets, what about media players? Well, Android PMPs are sparse. Today the only real contender in the Android court is the Samsung Galaxy Players, which share the same specifications as...


Sony NWZ-W263 Walkman Review


Despite the fact that the iPod and iPhone has grown to a ridiculous level of popularity, it doesn’t mean that they’re the best choice for listening to music.  Some will wholeheartedly argue this, while I’ll flat out tell them they’re wrong.  Why?  Both are fragile devices that are heavy, cumbersome...


Sony Ericsson “Live with Walkman” Announced


Today, Sony Ericsson unveiled the “Live with Walkman,” their last Android smartphone.  If your experiencing a sense of Deja Vu don’t be surprised, because the handset resembles every other Sony Ericsson phone to hit the market in the last few years.  But even though it looks like a bit of...

sony e450

Do Karaoke On The Go With Sony’s New E450 Walkman


People love karaoke. Okay, not everyone, but a lot of people do (especially the Japanese). Which is why Sony’s new E450 Walkman sounds interesting, though it’s sadly only hitting Europe at this point. It’s got a Karaoke Mode in which you sync lyrics of a song to the device, which...

Sony NWZ-W252 W Series Walkman MP3 Player - 1

Sony NWZ-W252 W Series Walkman MP3 Player Review


In the 80s and 90s Sony dominated the portable media player market.  Then Apple came along and released the iPod.  Ever since Sony has been scrapping to keep pace and finally, after many years of denial, started building iPod compatible stereos, docks and bedside alarm clocks.  So does the Sony’s...

Sony W Serties

Sony Walkman W Series Featuring Metal Gear Solid Edition


In all its synergistic glory, Sony Japan has announced their new Walkman W Series featuring the Metal Gear Solid Edition.  The NWD-W253 will go on sale in Japan starting May 22nd for the price of $110, with the MGS version at $130. The MP3 players are waterproof with a 4GB...


Sony Outs Sporty, Waterproof WALKMAN NWZ-250 MP3 Player

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I’m totally cool with showering with my MP3 player and apparently that’s what Sony wants me to do with their latest, the WALKMAN NWZ-W250.  Capacity options are limited to a 2GB and 4GB model, while color choices include four sporty colors (silver, pink, green and black).  For those of you...