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Wacom Reveals New Cintiq Companion Tablets


Artists are pretty familiar with Wacom tablets; if you’re working on digital art, it’s among the best tools to translate the stroke of a pen to a screen. But it’s been tricky to do art on the go with a tablet, especially with the demands of both space and processing...

Cintiq 13HD-1

Wacom Releases The Cintiq 13HD, A Smaller, Cheaper Touchscreen Display

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$2,500 isn’t the largest sum of money, provided you’re buying a car.  But for a LCD monitor, that’s some serious coin.  If you recall, that’s how much Wacom’s Cintiq 24-inch Pen Display costs. Fortunately, today the company introduced a smaller, cheaper version, with apparently all the same great features, called...

Galaxy note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with Digitizer Drawing Panel, Launch Date and Price Announced


Pardon the cliche, but new tablets are a dime a dozen.  Very few of them stand out, and even few of them are worth laying ink to paper, so to speak.  However, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 looks to be the exception. The S-Pen slate will hit retail shelves tomorrow, August...

wacom bamboo Stylus

Wacom Bamboo Ballpoint Pen Stylus


Finding a stylus for your tablet can be a bit of a daunting task.  Why so?  There are more than enough to choose from and not many offer one thing over the next. Wacom, who has been the trusted source for all things tablet oriented when it comes to drawing,...

Wacom Intuos5 Tablet

Wacom Intuos5 Tablet (video)

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Although we’ve still got our hearts set on Wacom’s Cintiq 24-inch touchscreen monitor, their latest offering, the Intuos5 is an appropriate runner up. [GR]mSA3w6Af6IQ[/GR] Like many of Wacom’s tablet of a time before, this one also boast 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, a pen with its own sensor, express keys...


Wacom Cintiq 24HD 24-inch Pen Display (video)


This week Wacom introduced their Cintiq 24HD, a 24-inch touchscreen, pressure sensitive display. The Cintiq 24HD, which is now Wacom’s largest in this category, boasts a 1920 x 1200 resolution with a 178 degree viewing angle and 16:10 aspect ratio. In addition to being color calibrated ready, it’s capable of...

Wacom Inkling

Wacom Inkling: A Sketch Artists Best Friend (video)


Digital pens that track your hand written notes are nothing new.  In fact, we reviewed one a few years ago, and for the most part we liked what we saw.  Our tests, though, were limited to writing and didn’t address those who spend a fair bit of time sketching or...

Wacom Cintiq 21UX Tablet

Wacom’s Cintiq 21UX Touchscreen Tablet Boasts 2000+ Levels Of Pressure

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Wacom totally upped the anty today with the intro of the Cintiq 21UX.  Unlike their other tablets, the Cintiq 21UX is a screen, a 21-inch LCD touchscreen to be specific with 2,048 levels of pressure and can sense the slightest nuance of pen pressure, something they’re calling “near-zero”. Aside from...


Wacom Nextbeat Is A Wireless Touch Sensitive Turntable


Wacom, long known for their touch tablets, unveiled their product aimed at DJs over the weekend. Inside the Nextbeat are two digital players, a mixer, effects board and simpler.  At the core of the device is a removable touch sensitive mixer that looks like it can operate wirelessly or while...