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Lighted Safety Umbrella Keeps You Dry & Well-Lit


Keeping you dry and safe, the Lighted Safety Umbrella (now that’s an appropriate name if there ever was one) features 3M reflective material and a 6 Volt Bulb, casting six inches of light around the holder. Cars and other pedestrians can see you from over a quarter mile away. As...


Project Runningblade: 100 MPH Lawnmower (video)


Lawn grooming isn’t one of those top of mind conversations, or blog posts for that matter, but in the case of the project Runningblade it’s most certainly worth a look.  If you couldn’t tell it’s suped-up lawn mower that has the potential to hit 100mph.  Potential because that’s a record...


C-3PO Bespin Backpack Features Droid Storage For All Your Gadgets


Now, this isn’t technically a gadget, but the photo they have features an iPad and…well, do I really need an excuse to post this? Officially licensed from Lucasfilm, the C-3PO Bespin Backpack recalls the scene from The Empire Strikes Back where poor Threepio got disassembled by those tiny little Ugnaut...

Slow-Mo Cup Cake Explosions (video)


[GR]v4JbPLItex4[/GR] If I had to get shot by something, anything, it would be, without a doubt the steam-punk style pneumatic cupcake cannon from Johnny Cupcakes.  Hit the video above to see some beautiful slow-mo cupcake destruction....

Boy Scouts Gaming Badge

Boy Scouts Of America Issues Video Game Badge


Hating gays is no problem for the Boy Scouts, but video games, they love them but don’t want the indoor activity, which is counter to their whole way of life, to go unchecked.  So they’ve created a Video Game badge, no joke.  While most tweens and teenagers would love to...

Cow Treadmill

Cow Treadmill Could Generate 6% Of The World’s Power


I like cows. Truly, they are a multipurpose animal. And according to farmer William Taylor, they could even give us eletricity and help our reliance on fossil fuels. Taylor’s made something called the Livestock Power Mill, basically a large treadmill the cows walk on that provides electricity to their farm....

Wii Sex

Woman Sexually Aroused From Nintendo Wii After Spill


Here’s a tad bit of funky, weird hump day news for you.  A woman playing Nintendo Wii took a dinger off her Wii Fit board.   After collecting herself, or attending a hospital, it would seem as though she has developed a condition known as persistent sexual arousal syndrome.  It’s real,...