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Shrub Rover

Terrestrial Shrub Rover (video)


Sneak attack!  Finally, someone (Justin Shull) built a movable shrub, just like in the cartoons.  It’s officially called the Terrestrial Shrub Rover, an electrically powered shrub on wheels that seems to have no problems moving over roads and grass.  Inside is room for one and 3 LCD cameras.  In the...


Cross Spy Camera Is Perfect For Priests, Goths


For those who like to spy on others, the Cross Spy Camera records video with an almost imperceptible camera hidden in a cross necklace. It’s a great idea, but the audience is a little limited — you’re either really into Marilyn Manson or Christian Rock to sport one of these...

Zip Up Chair

Zip-Up Chair


What’s it like to sit in a giant bundle of cotton swabs?  I certainly couldn’t tell you but this chair design from Kim In-bo has gotta be the closest thing.  The Zip-up Chair contains a whole mess of giant padded strips.  When you unzip the sheath you can fold or...


The iPad Suit Is For The Sartorially Inclined


Say you’re a businessman, with an iPad you love carrying around, but you’re completely averse to putting it in a briefcase (look, just roll with me here). Apparently there were enough of these people complaining about their predicament that New York City’s Mohan Custom Tailers designed a suit specifically for...


Stormtrooper Wedding Cake Looks Delicious, Imperialistic


While there’s been plenty of Star Wars themed weddings showing up on the web over the years, I never get sick of them — there’s just something so sweet about two people falling in love over a shared enjoyment of lightsaber battles. So with that, I present to you a...


The CarPuchino Is A Car Powered By Coffee & A Corny Name


This, my friends, is the CarPuchino, the world’s first coffee powered car. It will probably be the world’s last coffee powered car, too, since it takes about $10/mile to run. But it’s still awesome. Created by the BCC1’s Bang Goes The Theory television show, its a converted 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco...

LED Pacifier

LED Pacifier


Why does the LED Pacifier seem so wrong?  Perhaps it’s because it could possibly mess with your baby’s development, or do the complete opposite and make them into some sort of savant (hopefully a card counting one).  In any case it’s just $5, making it a solidified impulse purchase and...


Concrete USB Drive Brings Some Physicality To Bytes


Sure, we all know a gigabyte is a lot of storage, especially looking back to what we used to have. Since it’s all digital data, though, it’s still a pretty intangible thing to conceptualize. Well, here’s something a little more concrete (pun totally intended). This concrete USB drive weights as...

Uzi Pen

Uzi Tactical Pen Will Blast Enemies In The Jugular


As the saying goes, ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’.  The Uzi Tactical Pen looks like your everyday, garden variety writing utensil, right?  Wrong.  The crown of the pen is ultra sharp and can be jammed into an assailant’s body part to not only ward off an attack, but...


Mitsubishi Unveils Huge Elevators With 80-Person Capacity


Mitsubishi has just announced the installation of elevators with eighty person capacity within an office building in Osaka, Japan. The elevators each measure 11.2 x 9.2 feet and are 8.5 feet high, with a weight limit of 5,250 pounds. Glass windows allow riders to look outside and get nauseous from...


Working LEGO Arcade Cabinet Is Super Retro, Super Awesome (video)


LEGOs and videogames — like many others, they were two essential parts of my childhood. So it’s awesome that a custom modder has created a full-size working arcade cabinet out of LEGOs. 48 games are included in the 34 foot tall cabinet, including (obviously) Pac-Man. And, according to its creator,...