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Great, Now Cars Are Tweeting


AJ tweets a lot about personal issues. No, AJ isn’t your friend’s annoying little brother, it’s a 2011 Ford Fiesta. A computer in the car monitors its systems, like speed and engine data, and translates that information into tweet-ready sentences like “It’s getting pretty dark; time to put the headlights...


Behold, The Portable Watermelon Cooler


The Japanese continue a long history of baffling gadgets with their latest effort, the Portable Watermelon Cooler. It’s from a company called Joybond, and is actually capable of both cooling and heating the watermelon. You could use the device for other objects too — food and beer, mostly — but...

Bottle Opener Tshirt

Bottle Opener T-Shirt (video)


Much like the video depicts you’ve probably scoured your kitchen and your house to open a cold brewski only to turn up empty handed.  Usually you’d resort to slamming the bottle down on a kitchen corner resulting in a broken counter top or worse yet, a broken bottle.  Stop.  For...

wine vending machine

Winos Rejoice: The Wine Vending Machine Is Here


In what could be a big shift in how we buy booze, the very first wine vending machines have finally arrived stateside in Pennsylvania. Now, before you or college students think you can just go in at 2 in the morning wasted and pick out some Charles Shaw, there’s restrictions...


Apple’s New Friend Bar Helps Nerds Feel Special (video)


The Onion News has an exclusive scoop on Apple’s latest retail creation, the Friend Bar. The Friend Bar is specially designed to help frustrated friends and partners who tire of hearing the latest Apple or gadget blog news over and over. Check out the video to see the scoop for...


The TV-B-Gone Pro Makes You Enemies Easily


For those that really like pushing people’s buttons, the TV-B-Gone Pro is simple yet effective — it turns off pretty much any TV thanks to IR technology disguised in an iPod looking remote that operates via battery. It works from up to 110 feet away, too, so you could even...


This PR2 Robot Knows How To Shoot Some Pool (video)


A creation of the Willow Garage team, this PR2 robot can do a variety of tasks, including folding clothes. But the team put it to an even cooler use — playing billiards. Using a special grip and bridge attachment, the PR2 managed to sink five balls. They put this together...


These High Heel Speakers Are Fashion Forward


These high heel speakers are a little odd, I’ll admit. I’m not sure whether a girl would actually want these on their desk — I’m thinking the audience here lies in more, uh, fringe members of society.  They’re from Japanese, are powered by USB, and have an output of 3W x 2ch,...