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PIg on Waterslide-2

Image of the Day: Pigs on a Water Slide


I wouldn’t necessarily call it a gadget, but it’s Friday, and a Pig on anything as unorthodox as this requires as much attention as it can’t. [quote]One Dutch farmer, Erik Stegink, decided to give his pigs a state-of-the-art wallowing experience by installing a bright yellow water slide leading into his...

Hot Tube Boat-1

Hot Tub Boat Heats 6 to 104° F, Costs $42,000

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Rarely does one intentionally set out for a mid day boat cruise…with a boat full of water, but that’s exactly what you’ll be doing if you pick up this $42,000 boat/jacuzzi.  If you recall, I showed you a much cheaper ($14,500) version from a company in the Netherlands, though their...


The Wee Wee Aim Ball Is Aptly Named


Yes, as a tech blogger I am somewhat in disbelief that I just wrote the phrase “Wee Wee Aim Ball,” (there I go again!) but hey, it’s Friday. This thing can be used to entertain inebriated men while making the bathroom less of a mess — remember to aim straight...

glass bottomed

Don’t Look Down In The World’s First Glass-Bottomed Air Balloon


Bringing to mind the final scene from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, this glass-bottomed air balloon isn’t an elevator, but you can still up get pretty darn high in it. And it’s pretty awesome/terrifying, depending on your thrill level — even its inventor Christian Brown thinks its scary. It’ll be...


Human Skull USB MP3 Player


Okay, so this isn’t the classiest thing out there, but c’mon, skulls are cool. The Human Skull USB MP3 Player, from Brando, is a portable skull that has glowing eyes sure to freak people out on the street at night. It can also be used as a speaker for other...


Jet-Fuelled School Bus Goes 367 MPH


Well, this is a little awesome. A group called the Indy Boys Inc. has taken a freakin’ jet engine from a warplane and stuck it on a standard schoolbus, allowing to to reach speeds of 367mph and shoot an 80-foot flame out its back. Pretty crazy. That sort of speed and power...


This Projector Ring Is A Perfect Symbol Of Geek Love


Luke Jerram wanted a unique ring for his wife, so he teamed up with jeweler Tamrakar to make a ring with tiny photographic portraits of him and his wife. You then simply shine a light through the ring and the images are projected onto any flat surface. How romantic. Unfortunately, some...