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PIg on Waterslide-2

Image of the Day: Pigs on a Water Slide


I wouldn’t necessarily call it a gadget, but it’s Friday, and a Pig on anything as unorthodox as this requires as much attention as it can’t. [quote]One Dutch farmer, Erik Stegink, decided to give his pigs a state-of-the-art wallowing experience by installing a bright yellow water slide leading into his...

Hot Tube Boat-1

Hot Tub Boat Heats 6 to 104° F, Costs $42,000

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Rarely does one intentionally set out for a mid day boat cruise…with a boat full of water, but that’s exactly what you’ll be doing if you pick up this $42,000 boat/jacuzzi.  If you recall, I showed you a much cheaper ($14,500) version from a company in the Netherlands, though their...


The Wee Wee Aim Ball Is Aptly Named


Yes, as a tech blogger I am somewhat in disbelief that I just wrote the phrase “Wee Wee Aim Ball,” (there I go again!) but hey, it’s Friday. This thing can be used to entertain inebriated men while making the bathroom less of a mess — remember to aim straight...

glass bottomed

Don’t Look Down In The World’s First Glass-Bottomed Air Balloon


Bringing to mind the final scene from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, this glass-bottomed air balloon isn’t an elevator, but you can still up get pretty darn high in it. And it’s pretty awesome/terrifying, depending on your thrill level — even its inventor Christian Brown thinks its scary. It’ll be...


Human Skull USB MP3 Player

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Okay, so this isn’t the classiest thing out there, but c’mon, skulls are cool. The Human Skull USB MP3 Player, from Brando, is a portable skull that has glowing eyes sure to freak people out on the street at night. It can also be used as a speaker for other...


Jet-Fuelled School Bus Goes 367 MPH


Well, this is a little awesome. A group called the Indy Boys Inc. has taken a freakin’ jet engine from a warplane and stuck it on a standard schoolbus, allowing to to reach speeds of 367mph and shoot an 80-foot flame out its back. Pretty crazy. That sort of speed and power...


This Projector Ring Is A Perfect Symbol Of Geek Love


Luke Jerram wanted a unique ring for his wife, so he teamed up with jeweler Tamrakar to make a ring with tiny photographic portraits of him and his wife. You then simply shine a light through the ring and the images are projected onto any flat surface. How romantic. Unfortunately, some...