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You A Big Skype User? Then You Need This Keyboard


The Buffalo BKBU-SKJ109/SV is your standard USB keyboard (109 keys) but includes a mini phone (yes, the pic looks ridiculous) for Skype or other VoIP calls – it’s apparently Skype certified. According to Gadgetell is won’t be available until October and cost $65....

Google Buys Grandcentral


If you didn’t know about Grandcentral then you’re missing out. I got wind of them just as I was searching for a ‘forwarding service’ for my front door (I have an out of state cell phone and that doesn’t work with my apt’s front door…blah blah…so I wanted something free...

Vonage Loses Battle to Verizon and Must Pay Out the Nose


Verizon was awarded $58 million in damages after an 8 person jury found Vonage guilty of ‘infringing’ upon 3 patents owned by the telecom – they were absolved of 2/5. The jury concluded that Vonage meant no mal intent which apparently helped soften the blow – apparently Verizon wanted more...

Really Small VoIP Telephone Converter


We just switched to VoIP and in the process installed a semi-large Vonage box into my bedroom.  I now sleep with the shimmer of quicky mart blue from its always glowing LED lights.  If you wanna circumvent the large and glowing, then the SmartLink Micro Analog Telephone Adapter (M-ATA) by Patton is probably...

D-Link Enter the VoIP with a WiFi Handset


D-Link, manufacture of all things network oriented, has plans to enter the wireless phone market.  The DPH-540 handset appears to contain no cell phone compatibility, but is designed for WiFi VoIP calls out of the box with any service.  The 802.11g based phone includes a color display, text messaging, and...

FRITZ Mini Does It All: VoIP, 802.11g, MP3


What plays MP3s, is 802.11g compatible, can make calls via landline or VoIP, and closely resembles an iPod Mini?  Give up?  The FRITZ! mini of course.  The device can also stream internet radio, display weather, news, stock quotes and more in RSS on the color LCD display, and notify you...

Stop the Hype!


Skype’s sale to Ebay might not be what the owners wanted but they did it anyway. There are rumors flourishing, and Skype has been linked to not only Google and Ebay, but to Yahoo and News Corp. Even one of its founders implied the following (excerpt from At eBay,...

Vonage Going Public


Vonage is expected to file for public status any day, and it may just rival the hoopla that surrounded Google’s IPO. Vonage is one of the biggest providers of VoIP (voice over IP), taking a large share of the market. The biggest concern right now amongst investors is whether or...

Linux VoIP handset needs no computer


Thomson made a major step in VoIP phones — they got rid of the computer. Typically, VoIP (voice over ip) allows you to use your computer to make phone calls over your broadband internet connection. However, with the new EV5203-C by Thomson, you’ll be able to plug the phone directly...

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