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Nokia Partners With Skype, To Lets Users Call Over 3G


Skype and Nokia may have partnered today, but I guarantee it will be quickly overshadowed by carrier blockage.  What do I mean?  So the partnership integrates Skype into many of Nokia’s phones going forward.  They’ll start with the Nseries and more specifically the N97.  Nokia and Skype intend to let...


Gadget Leak: Verizon Hub Phone

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Looks like Verizon is ready to go toe-to-toe with AT&T's Home Manager Phone. Although official details have yet to be released, the Verizon Hub looks to be a jack of all trades including a touchscreen [...]...


OpenPeak Makes OpenFrame IP Media Phone Official


The touchscreen phone game is heating up.  AT&T just announced the availability of their AT&T Home Manager system, and now OpenPeak has made their OpenFrame IP Media Phone official by selecting Intel’s Atom processor as the core engine of their touchscreen device.  The OpenFrame is almost analogous in feature set...


Asus Rolls Out An 80s Concept: AiGuru SV1 Videophone


Anyone else remember when ‘video calling’ was the wave of the future, in the the 80s? I recall people trying to solve the whole bandwidth, streaming, caching problem and then poof, cell phones eclipsed the video phone concept. Obviously, that didn’t stop Asus from building the AiGuru SV1 Videophone, though. ...

Hulger Pappa Phone Released


By: Daniel O What do you get when you mix American walnut, brass and a bit of cable? You get Helger’s new VoIP phone called Pappa*Phone. It’s the first ever wooden VoIP phone and works with most services including Skype. It plugs straight into the PC or Mac and has...


iCall: VoIP App For The iPhone


iCall might just be the real thing when it comes to making and receiving calls over WiFi via the iPhone. They guys at iCall say they’ve got a working prototype, but due to Apple’s developer app NDA they can’t give it to anyone. Additionally, they claim that you can transfer...


Philips Skype Phone (VOIP8411B/37) Review


Until recently I had one phone line, my cell phone. A few months ago I discovered the downside of my ‘plan to simplify’ in the form of a $130 phone bill. You see, since I started focusing full time on Gadgetreview I’ve been gabbing away and burning through my roll...

T-Mobile Unlimited VoIP Service For Just $10 A Month


T-Mobile is getting into the VoIP game. Offered exclusively to current T-Mobile customers paying $39.99 or higher, the new service costs $10 a month (plus taxes and fees) and includes unlimited domestic and long distance calls over the customer’s preexisting broadband service. According to CNet, numbers can be ported over....

Skype Hits the PSP


Skype arrived on the PSP today and ArsTechnica took it for spin on a slim PSP.  They said the Skype layout was well implemented on the PSP platform and sound quality was top notch.  One catch though:  you must have the headphones plugged in via the Slim-specific remote control otherwise...