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Verizon Hub Meets End Of Life


It was just this past February when Verizon officially put their Hub touchscreen VoIP device up for sale.  At the time it required a 2-year contract and $200 to get aboard, which is and was one of the many barriers to the device’s success.  ‘Was’ I say?  That’s right, the...


Skype Travel Mouse Features An LCD And Hidden Keypad

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There’s certainly no shortage of Skype phone accessories and adding to the long and lustrous list is the Skype Travel Mouse.  Yup, it doubles as a VoIP phone and you can peep whose calling via the built-in LCD screen before you pickup.  To make a call just slide out the...

iPevo SO-10W Skype Phone - 1

iPevo SO-10W Skype Phone Review


It wasn’t too long ago that iPevo launched their latest Skype handset, the SO-10W.   I managed to get my hands on one and give it a once over.  It’s a straight forward Skype only phone that enables you to make and receive both Skype and Skype Out calls.  It...


iPevo’s SO-10W Skype Phone Is Old Meets New

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Out with the old, in with the new. Today iPevo launched their Skype friendly phone.  It’s not exactly a revolution in communication, but since the SO-10W meshes new tech with an old form factor it might just appeal to the baby boomer crowd, such as my Mom.  It’s got built-in...


Free Press Asks FCC To Lift Skype Restriction On iPhone


Skype for the iPhone hit the App store last week and it has become a massive success with over 1 million downloads since its launch.  As expected, the Skype service, which traditionally makes calls over a data connection from a computer, has been restricted on the iPhone so that consumers...


Skype iPhone App Release Date And Details Emerge


‘Take a deep breath’ because Skype, which has long existed on computers and via other iPhone apps, will officially launch its iPhone app tomorrow.  Skype users will be able to make VoIP calls over WiFi only, while cellular Skype calls will be reserved to earlier iPhone apps and hacks.  To...