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Facebook VOIP

Facebook VoIP Now Available to Android Users


Got an Android phone?  Facebook much?  Good news.  Today the social network rolled out free VoIP calls for Android users.  Keep in mind that this is only Facebook to Facebook, and won’t allow you to make calls to an actual telephone number. That all being said, calls should be purely...

Facebook VoIP Calls

Facebook VoIP Calls Now Available for the iOS


When Google Voice first debuted for the iPhone, you could make calls strictly over WiFi or your data plan.  But then Apple booted the app from the iOS app store, and I was stuck using Skype.  Not many of my friends have Skype, and if they do rarely do they...

Skype Free Talk

Skype FreeTalk Connect Eliminates the Computer


MagicJack ate Skype’s lunch.  But now Skype is fighting back with a new piece of hardware that allows you to make calls from your home phone using the Skype service.  It’s called FREETALK Connect•Me. FREETALK Connect•Me is a small box that sits between your phone and your home’s router.  Simple...

Google Voice Calls

Google Hits The Go Button On Free US Domestic Calls


Well, you can put another nail in Vonage’s coffin.  Today, Google announced Google Voice calls directly from Gmail.  The best part you ask?  Domestic calls in the US are completely free, yes free.  International calls to a landline will cost you less than mobile calls, but that’s par for the...

Google Voice Desktop Software

Leak: Google Voice Desktop Software (video)


Google might be ready to take on Skype.  Late last year they bought Gizmo5, a company that produced desktop software that allowed for VoIP calls.  It’s not clear if the leaked software will be rebranded to Google Voice, but it appeared to integrate (contacts and incoming calls to GV) with...

Snowflake USB Mic

Blue SnowFlake USB MicroPhone


Anyone familiar with microphones will instantly recognize the Blue Microphone logo.  The Snowflake USB microphone by Blue is USB 1.0 and 2.0 compatible and will work on your Mac or PC like that. Perfect for a myriad of activities including:  VOIP, podcasting, and recording, this little mic is capable of...