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Amazon Fire TV Review: Fast But Missing Some Spark


At this point Amazon’s FireTV needs no introduction. It’s a small black box that connects to your TV by way of HDMI, and much like Apple’s TV, perhaps the device’s biggest competitor, it allows you to access a variety of streaming content that includes the likes of Netflix, Hulu and...


Want HBO Without Cable? It’s Possible!


Many, many people are considering cutting the cord. And, as cable bills spiral ever upward and cable companies plan to merge their terrible customer service departments, it’s becoming more and more tempting. But what about HBO? Who wants to wait to watch Game of Thrones? Well, there’s good news on...


Livestream Arrives On Roku


Livestream is a fairly popular platform for, well, live, streaming video. In addition to the spread of its hardware, it’s a popular platform for everything from red carpets and sports to lectures and theater performances. And now, it’s coming to Roku. First of all, you won’t have to sacrifice any...

Or, you know, not.

Hulu Can’t Commit, Flightily Returns To Its Current Owners


Hulu would seem to be the ideal streaming service. It’s got support from multiple broadcast networks and their partners. It sells advertising. It’s streaming seasons of “Cheaters”. But the streaming network just seemingly can’t crack the code that Netflix has, and as a result, is struggling to find the same...

Amazon Instant vs Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime VS. Amazon Instant Video (comparison)

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You might think these two services are the same since they’re both offered by Amazon, but they are actually two different services customers can opt for. At first Prime sounds great since it offers more than streaming movies, BUT you can’t watch ALL of Amazon’s Instant Video titles. Here’s the...

Roku streaming stick

Roku Streaming Stick


To Smart TV or not to Smart TV, that is the question.  Or at least that was the question on consumers’ minds this holiday when many a retailer slashed pricing on just about every big screen TV under the sun.  Well folks, Roku is looking to negate that part of...

Boxee Live TV

Boxee Live TV


Boxee Box is about to get a little bit better thanks to a small device called the Boxee Live TV.  It plugs into the Boxee Box (the one made by D-Link – this won’t work with your PC or Mac) and allows you to navigate and watch terrestrial HD broadcasts...

Roku LT

Roku LT is their Cheapeast Yet; $50


In addition to adding HBO Go to their list of channels, Roku today introduced the Roku LT. The LT might as well refers to light, as in a light price since it only costs $49.99, $10 cheaper than the model up. But all things relative (to other Roku players) you...


Madmen Arrives on Netflix, Strikes New Deal with CBS


Starting today you’ll be able to enjoy the first 4 seasons of Mad Men streaming on Netflix.  We originally thought the show was arriving on April 27th, but it turns out we were wrong.  In fact we’re idiots, because we just didn’t read the original article correctly.  But no matter,...