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Virus Coffee Clothing

Virus Coffee Clothing Adds 10 Degrees


Sipping on a hot coffee will heat your body internally, but who would’ve thought that wearing it could have the same effect. Virus, a California based clothing company, uses the left overs from coffee production, otherwise known as Coffee Char, or coffee charcoal to manufacture their clothing.  That’s right, they...

iPad Virus

iPad Virus Discovered


TechRadar is reporting that BitDefender has discovered a virus for the Apple iPad.  Users of the touchscreen device are sent a malware link that is disguised as an iTunes update promising “…best performance, newer features and security”.  Once the link is clicked not only sensitive data, such as passwords and...


Germ Guardian EV-9-102 UV-C Air Sanitizer

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Looking exactly like it’s been stolen from a top secret laboratory, the Germ Guardian Air Sanitizer will be your apocalyptic antidote for all illness’s airborne.  Effectively killing 99.9% of flu viruses, the Germ Guardian Air Sanitizer. Great for home or office, the peace of mind you will receive from this...