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Samsung Adds Milk VR Streaming to Gear


The battle of the VR headsets now includes Facebook, Sony, probably Microsoft, and Samsung…but Samsung has just made an interesting move with the launch of its Gear Milk VR streaming service. Samsung’s streaming service addresses a concern in the VR market: Everyone is adopting or creating these fancy new devices...


Vortex VR Is Virtual Reality On The Cheap


Virtual reality is enjoying another round of popularity at the moment, largely thanks to the relative success of the Oculus Rift. But even the Oculus, which is VR on a budget, isn’t as cheap as VR can theoretically get. For that, you need the Vortex. VR With An LG Essentially,...


GameFace Brings VR To Android


Virtual reality is the latest fad; the Oculus Rift is taking off and just had a major improvement with the Crystal Cove prototype. But that’s for the hardcore PC gamer; what about the Android fan? Meet the Gameface. Face This The Gameface is essentially a stand-alone Android device that lets...


Oculus Rift VR Crystal Cove Prototype Hands On


First off, I’m not a hard core gamer. But that didn’t stop me from eagerly anticipating my hands on with the Oculus Rift’s Crystal Cove prototype.  New to this iteration – Oculus has only released a Dev kit to date – is the inclusion of OLED screens and a body...

Oculus Rift Porn VR Simulator Coming Soon

Oculus Rift VR Simulator Great For Adult Games


Virtual Reality is the next big thing in gaming and the Oculus Rift VR Simulator headset is one of the first devices that provides users such an experience. Now the porn industry might be jumping on the bandwagon, with Jeroen Van den Bosh and his startup studio claiming to be...

Omni VR Treadmill_f

Introducing The Virtuix Omni VR Treadmill (video)


I think we can all agree, 3D did not revolutionize the way we watch TV or the way we play games. It’s little more than a “neat” novelty that adds some immersion when done well. The lack luster adoption rate and ho-hum performance has not stopped other mad inventors from...


Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset


The Oculus Rift Kickstarter project is supposed to be the first “truly immersive virtual reality headset” for gamers that allows you to really be absorbed in your overall gaming experience. It features a wide field of view, high-resolution display, and ultra-low latency head tracking, which is all supposed to combine...

Microsoft HoloDesk

Microsoft HoloDesk (video)

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[GR]JHL5tJ9ja_w[/GR] Virtual reality is still a ways off, and you can forget about a Holodeck – you know, from the TV show “Star Trek the Next Generation” – coming to frution any time soon.  But wedged somewhere in between both of those pieces of tech, a sort of mash up,...