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2.On detecting liquid the floppy legs hard drive stands up, allowing the owner time to move it away and clean up the spill

This Floppy Drive Has Legs To Avoid Spills (video)


Now this is a little out there. The Attenborough Design Group (in reality, the ChambersJudd design team) has created a Floppy Drive that stands up to avoid liquid spills. It’s part of a “imaginary” design series inspired by David Attenbourough that would show what happens when animal instincts are put...

BigBoy 4 Person BiCycle

BigBoy: A 4 Person Bicycle (video)

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Looking for some comradery on your bike ride?  Sure, you could opt for a tandem bike, but why bother when you can sit with three of your best buds on the BigDog bike.  Unfortunately, this thing isn’t commercially available so that dream of rolling to the bars with three of...

Bottle Opener Tshirt

Bottle Opener T-Shirt (video)


Much like the video depicts you’ve probably scoured your kitchen and your house to open a cold brewski only to turn up empty handed.  Usually you’d resort to slamming the bottle down on a kitchen corner resulting in a broken counter top or worse yet, a broken bottle.  Stop.  For...


Ten Bucks Gets You A Universal Remote On Your iPhone (video)


Universal Remotes, like Logitech’s Harmony One, are awesome. But they’re also expensive. Which makes this $10 iPhone dongle that turns your phone into a universal remote very very enticing. Available from Ryz Media, simply download a free app called My TV Remote from the App Store, purchase a $10 dongle...

Internet Chess Table

A Chess Table Connected To The Internet (video)


Internet chess has been around well before the turn of the century, but a physical Internet chess table, now we’re talking.  The DIY project incorporates a low cost projector and webcam.  The webcam recognizes your moves (where you’ve placed your players) and sends them to the opponent’s compatible table via...