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iPhone Stun Gun

iPhone Stun Gun (video)

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Take this one with a healthy dose of skeptism since we’re currently unable to verify it’s authenticity.  Though, if the inventors are reading this, we’d be glad to review the device. Some rather young looking lads say they’ve invented an iPhone compatible device – it plugs into the dock of...


DTV Shredder (video)


The DTV Shredder from BPG Werks is a 125lb all terrain surfboard.  Under the hood is a 200CC 4-stroke Honda engine that can propel the skateboard like device up to 30 mph.  In their promotional video they show it towing a full sized cab pickup and riding over a wide...

hdr video

First HDR Video Combines Two Canon 5D Mark IIs (video)


HDR Photography (High Dynamic Range) has become popular the past few years. The effect combines underexposed images with overexposed ones to create a more ‘realistic’ image thanks to the multiple exposures. The iPhone 4 just got an HDR feature in the 4.0.1. update, so its really hitting mass appeal. Now,...

EZFace Is A Virtual Mirror For Makeup (video)


EZFace is a virtual mirror that is powered by IBM technology. It’s let’s makeup wearing folks try on makeup without, well, trying it on…physically. The system takes a snapshot of your mug and then applies the makeup of your choosing. It takes into account skin tone, eye color and lighting...

Flame Thrower Trombone

Trombone Flame Thrower (video)


What’s the perfect complement to the Jet Powered School Bus?  The Pyro’s Flamethrower Tromobone, but of course.  It’s definitely a a pair of singed eye brows waiting to happen. The device was crafted by Jonathon Crawford, who posted a video of his creation on YouTube. He’s outfitted it with some...


Phasma Six-Legged Robot Is Both Cool & Terrifying (video)


The Phasma hexapedal running robot is something that I do no want to see scampering down my hallway at night. That being said, it’s an engineering marvel. Built by Takram Design Engineering, it uses its springy six legs to scuttle about just like an insect. It’s currently on display at the...

google tv

Google TV + Dish Network Demoed (video)

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Okay, we still stand by this week’s post about Google’s Google TV troubles, but that doesn’t mean the software itself isn’t going to be good. Google has proven they’re pretty good on that front in the past. Case in point is a new video showing off Google TV integrated into...


Bioshock: Infinite Announced (video)


Slow news day, but this news should excite the gamers in our audience. The third installment of the BioShock series, BioShock Infinite, was announced today. Instead of the subterranean city of Rapture featured in the first two games, Infinite takes place in a city above the sky called Columbia. The...