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Microsoft Xbox One Unnecessary

Xbox One Launch Date Official, Coming November 22nd


It’s official.  In 78 days and 13 hours, the Xbox One will officially hit stores and arrive at your door step for all your gaming indulgence.  If running the math is a bit too complicated on this Wednesday afternoon, that’s November 22nd, or 7 days after the PS4 hits the...


Grand Theft Auto V: Everything We Know

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Grand Theft Auto V arrives September 17th, and Rockstar has kept a surprisingly tight ship before the game’s release. Nonetheless, there are a few things we know about this fall’s upcoming massive hit. Platforms Sorry, early adopters and PC enthusiasts, you get the short end of the stick: Rockstar is...


The Custom Xbox One For Microsoft Employees Is Pretty Stylin’


There have been many, many discussions about the Xbox One; it’s dramatic reversals, its Kinect policy, all sorts of discussions. But even the haters have to admit; Microsoft made one attractive console. It’s angular, black, and pretty. But, far be it from Microsoft not to reward the team with an...

Hadokune iPhone Screen

Image of the Day: iPhone Screen Hadoken


A broken iPhone screen is no bueno.  It’s a plight on your status as you know it in the world of smartphone ownership.  One clear and obvious, yet some what expensive option is to replace the iPhone screen (or you can do it yourself).  The other is to download this...

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Grand Theft Auto V Reveals Its Online Multiplayer (video)

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Do you need to know anything else? It’s Grand Theft Auto V, and it’s multiplayer. Yes? OK. First of all, this is going to feel at least a little familiar if you’re a Rockstar fan. Much of the multiplayer resembles Rockstar’s highly polished, and criminally underrated, multiplayer for Max Payne...