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Ion Twin Video Is Great For Interviews (video)


Expanding on some of the design elements found  in Zoom’z Q3, the Ion Twin Video has two cameras facing in both directions making it awesome for recording interviews and more.  Also encompassing stereo microphones, live editing features, SDHC-compliant storage all in a compact body.  The price has yet to be...


PhotoJojo’s “You-Vision” Video Recording Hipster Glasses For The Inner Pervert


As Hipsters are wearing uglier and uglier glasses these days, this pair of video recording glasses should totally slip through the instant judgement meter unnoticed.  These cool guy glasses have a 320×240 pixel video camera embedded between the lenses and is triggered by a press of a button off to...


FireBox Pistol Grip Night Vision Video Camera To Make Ghosts Break Themselves


Perfect for crawling through a graveyard to film that new grave robbing reality series your trying to pitch, comes this new pistol grip night vision video camera.  Using a ring of infrared LED’s the lens is capable of illuminating the subject matter regardless of lighting, or lack there of. Starting...


Next In Line: The Sal Pocket Video Camera


Since the inception of digital pocket camcorders via Flip Video (congrats on the buyout), Kodak, Sony and other companies have tried to stake their claim in the market. Here's another sleek take on the gadget by way of Sal. Currently unbuyable at a whopping $200 due to lack...