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Sharp Has Made An 8K TV With Nothing To Watch


Television manufacturers are being squeezed, and squeezed hard. It’s not just the fact that most of us don’t need to upgrade our HDTVs that’s hurting them; it’s the fact that increasingly we stream video over our phones and on our laptops, and that we don’t need 4K displays to get...


Gnarbox Lets You Edit Video Without The Computer


Video is becoming more and more central to how we live our lives. In turn, that means shooting and editing video is becoming a day-to-day skill set. But if you don’t want to bring your computer on your surfing trip, and who could blame you, that means hoping your cards...

iStabilizer Dolly

iStabilizer Dolly for Smartphones Review


If the next Steven Spielberg is shooting with a smartphone, he’d better have the right equipment. Hand-held shots that blur and bounce across the landscape or jerk as they move don’t look any better now that HD video can be shot. Getting a professional look means being able to control...

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Ring Makes Your iPhone Into Your Doorbell

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The humble doorbell doesn’t usually register for a lot of homeowners. It’s like a couch; you find one, you put it in your house, and then it starts doing its job. You don’t notice it until it breaks, really. Ring, however, wants to change that by tying your doorbell to...


Elephant Steady Keeps Your iPhone Video Smooth As Silk


If you’re on YouTube at all, two things stand out. The first is that the iPhone might be the single most popular method of filming spontaneous action as it happens. The second is that most people don’t understand that they wobble like a Jenga tower when filming video on their...

MediaBeam main

Ematic MediaBeam Streaming Media Player Review

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lot has been made of Chromecast, Google’s combination of a “Smart TV” dongle and linkage with a smartphone or computer. But the first out of the gate isn’t always the winner, so don’t count the MediaBeam out because it doesn’t have as big a “name.” Or ignored,  as this $29.99...


Gefen Wireless Extender for HDMI 60 GHz Review


here was a time when a living room made space to accommodate the TV — now it’s the other way around. Flat panel blend into walls or sit demurely on cabinets that add to the room’s decor, instead of drawing attention to it. But no matter how inconspicuous, the cable...


CENTR 360 Video Camera Will Hold


It’s an exciting time for video right now. Advances like Lytro are changing how we think about still photography, and the sudden proliferation of 4K means better videography and film are cheaper and easier. CENTR stands out, however, not least for what it delivers… namely 360-degree video in a small...


Shimano Debuts Their CM-1000 Action Cam

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There are plenty of action cams on the market, as we all know. GoPro may have pioneered the market, but there are more and more tiny cameras on the market. It takes a lot to stand out, but Shimano might have just engineered one that does. Neither Wind Nor Snow...